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Clinical inspection  and  manual palpation

Relying solely on clinical inspection and manual palpation of the spine can lead to inconsistent results and subjective assessments. 
Manual Palpation
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Switch to our objective measurement tool, the CTR Graph Diagnostic Software for Assessment of Sagittal Alignment, for a quantifiable spinal analysis.

CTR Graph Diagnostic Software System Requirements: Operating System - Windows 10.

 why sagittal alignment Matters

Proper sagittal alignment is crucial for maintaining spinal health, reducing pain, and disability and improving quality of life. Correcting poor posture in the sagittal plane can prevent musculoskeletal issues and enhance overall well-being. In medical contexts, surgeons utilize sagittal alignment assessments to plan and perform spinal surgeries. Proper alignment is essential for the success of such procedures.  
A comprehensive understanding of sagittal alignment is also of principal importance  for physiotherapists and manual therapists seeking to provide optimal care to their patients.