The upper Thoracic spine is a reliable reference region

CTR Assessment


The concept of CTR (Cervico Thoracic Ratio) sagittal alignment is founded on the principles outlined in an academic thesis, "The Cervico Thoracic Ratio: A Method for Assessment of Segmental Mobility Related to Neck-Shoulder Pain”, Uppsala University, 1997. This  thesis explores how this ratio is a critical factor in understanding and assessing spinal health.
Forward Head Posture C2 Sagittal Vertical Axis forward displaced in red, and normal sagittal alignment in blue.


The CTR graphs  refers to the process of modeling, which involves creating a simplified representation of a real-world system. Overlay graphs,   superimposed on gender specific anatomical pictures  from, "Complete Anatomy", and derived from a CTR assessment, help explain how the body maintains balance. 

CTR Graph Modelling


The process of modelling is founded on the mathematical and geometric models, presented at the conference, "Engineering in Living Systems", (CELS 2023) held June 1-3, 2023, at the Tally Retreat Center at Camp Copass, Denton, Texas, USA. "A Model for Prediction of the Body’s Line of Gravity".

CTR Graph