CTR developer 

Staffan Norlander, PhD, RPT
SegmoGraph AB, Stockholm, Sweden.  Teacher in CTR treatment techniques, and a resource for addressing research questions, related to CTR.

Contact: staffan.norlander@ctrgraph.com

clinical support

Timo Haapalo, RPT 
Nivå Fysioterapi, Nivå, Denmark.
Coordinator of  CTR training courses, and teacher  in CTR treatment techniques.
Contact: timohaapalo@gmail.com

Commercial contact

Vesa Väänänen, CEO 
Rehax Oy, Helsinki, Finland. Handles commercial contracts and technical software support.
Contact: rehax@outlook.com

CTR Education Pathway

A comprehensive workshop and two specialized treatment courses

Measure to understand, understand to treat.


The initial workshop includes conducting a CTR assessment and an introduction to the diagnostic software.

In the first 2-day course we look into the 2D treatment protocol, aiming to restore spinal alignment in the sagittal plane.

In the second 2-day course we advance into the intricacies of the 3D treatment protocol, focusing restoring spinal alignment across all planes.

Our courses are exclusively available to active users of the CTR software, ensuring a tailored and relevant learning experience.
CTR Graph